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February 4, 2024

Grand Theft Auto V, also known as GTA 5 mod apk, is the most popular action game developed by Rockstar Games. I hope you have played this game on your PC. Do you want to download GTA 5 APK for your Android phone also? Yes, it is possible to download it on your mobile phone also. In this article, We will provide GTA 5 Mobile APK + Data to run the game properly.

The GTA games series has been part of our childhood; we played it a lot. One of the famous games at that time was GTA Vice City. Do you still remember? Of course, nobody will forget that small city where we can do what we want. We committed many murders and crimes no matter which game it was. Recently, Rockstar Games has launched GTA V after a long period.

Did you know?

The first ever GTA game was launched in 1997 by Rockstar Games.

Initially, GTA V was released for Xbox and PlayStation, but now, it is also available for Windows and Android Smartphones. It is important to note that the game is not officially available on the Google Play store, but some third-party developers have ported the game to Android and IOS. Now you can enjoy this interesting game with high-quality graphics with your smartphone. 

Grand Theft Auto: The Manual is the official and most reputable guide app. It has 100+ pages which cover everything from Game Controls and Features to a tour through the local neighborhoods and activities across Los Santos and Blaine County – plus a special interactive version of the game map to zoom in and explore.



In this article, we share the GTA 5 APK and files so you can run the game easily on any Android device. After reading this guide, you must be able to download and install our favorite game Grand Theft Auto V, on your mobile phone.

After the overwhelming response and interest from Android users, the company launched this game with the beta version. It doesn’t matter that it is the beta version because it is enough to play it. You should know that GTA 5 is a highly demanding game for Android, and now it is possible to play and download it on your smartphone or any Android device.

The game has high-quality graphics, so you should have a phone with good performance to play the game. Don’t consider this a normal Android game we can download from the play store. You must have more than 3 GB of free storage on your mobile. That is why you should have a good-performance device to play the game.

There are many other activities inside the GTA 5 apk like yoga, parachute, water moto etc. which increase the fun level of the game more and more.


It is important to know that it wouldn’t work on any normal Android mobile. It would be best to have a good-performance Android OS to play the game smoothly. First, you must download some necessary files and then follow our downloading guide to set up on your phone. But again, the main requirement of the game is a good-performance Android phone.

RAM4 GB or more
CPUAt least 2 core
Android VersionAbove 6.0+

After all these requirements, download the given files and follow the instructions below to set up the game on your mobile phone.

Features of GTA V

If you have ever played GTA 5 on your computer, you should know the features of the game, but if you are playing the game for the first time, then let you know about the amazing features added to the game. Following are some features of the latest version of GTA V.

GTA 5 MOD APK Gameplay

Exploring the City

The game is represented in the fictional state of Los Santos, inspired by Los Angeles. The player has to explore the city while completing different missions given to him. They must travel across the city and collect gifts like cars, malls, buildings etc. GTA 5 also has a huge map. You can also locate yourself, the mission place, nearby stores, shopping malls and your enemies through the map.

Different Characters

The game has three main characters, which can be switched between to complete the tasks according to the characters. Each character is completely different from another. The characters will perform the role of criminals and have to complete different missions, just like killing people with weapons, travelling to various locations, etc.

Multiple Missions

The story of the game is divided into different parts and missions to play. Different missions will be assigned to you to play and complete the story. Completing the missions unlocks different places and items where you can go freely. The missions have difficulty levels, and you will get money after completing them.

Multiplayer Mode

GTA V also has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with GTA 5 players worldwide. The online mode makes the game more and more interesting because the players kill each other to get more power and money. You can play with your friends and invite strangers to make the game more exciting by using multiplayer mode.

Realistic and High-Quality Graphics

The game is well known for its 3D realistic and high-quality graphics. The player can also explore many places and interact with the things surrounded by and their environment, creating special effects. 

Weapons and Fantasy Vehicles

As the player has to complete the missions as a criminal, you will obviously need weapons to fight with and cars to run away from the enemies. You can get cards and weapons by snatching them from people and purchasing them from weapons shops in the game. The more weapons you have will help you succeed in the missions.

Customized Clothes and Cars

Different clothes are used to change or make different the look and identity of players, which plays a vital role in completing different missions. Also, you can customize your vehicles, cars according to your choices.

User friendly interface

GTA V apk has a user-friendly interface which can be easily controlled and understood. You can play the game with your fingers. You can also change the settings for the on-screen controls in the game.


MOD Features

Unlimited Money and Health

In GTA V mod apk, you will get unlimited money as the missions need heavy weapons, customized clothes to hide your identity, expensive cars and bikes to fight strongly with your enemies, and unlimited health to eliminate death risk so your mission wouldn’t be affected. All these can be purchased with money in the game’s original version but don’t worry; you will get all these for free in the modded version.

Unlocked Locations

The GTA 5 game has many locations which are locked or not accessible based on the player’s mode during the gameplay. The game’s map helps you find a way or go anywhere. The mod version has all the unlocked locations, making the game an open world where players can go anywhere and visit any place.

Everything Unlocked

In the original version of the game, as you make progress further in the mission, the feature will be unlocked, which helps you to complete the mission, but in the modded version, you have access to all the features, which makes the game more interesting and enjoyable.

How to Download GTA 5 MOD APK without verification?

We will need a file extractor to set up the game on our Android mobile. We’ll be using ZArchiver here. You can download anyone.

Step 1: Firstly, download the required file ( APK + DATA) files from the given links.

Step 2: Go to the download folder, install the APK file first, and click Done.

Step 3: Extract the file. The extracted folder will appear inside the download folder.

Step 4: Select the folder and click copy.

Step 5: Go back to ZArichver and open the Android folder.

Step 6: Open the obb folder and click the paste button located at the right-bottom. It will take some time to copy the files.

Step 7: Launch the game and start playing the game.

Final Words

If you have ever played the GTA game, then you should try GTA V at least once. The games look more realistic and exciting because of their amazing features and gameplay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Yes, It is completely safe and virus free.  You can simply download it from our website.

You must have a good performance Android Phone having 4GB or more RAM, above 2 core processor and Android version 6.0+

Yes! You can download the mod version for free from our website.

You can play GTA 5 online with your friends as well as with strangers.

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