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If you have played computer games, you must have played GTA Games. GTA Vice City is a masterpiece of Rockstar games. GTA Vice City mod apk is an open-world game set in the 1980s. The game was initially developed for PS only but became available for Windows and Android later. 

In this blog post, we are gonna review GTA Vice City Mod APK + you’ll be able to download the latest version of the APK and enjoy the premium features unlocked. You have come to the right place to download GTA Vice City MOD APK. Here, at, you can download all GTA Games in one place.

About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA Vice City apk is one of the most popular games of the GTA series. As mentioned above, at the beginning, the game was developed for PlayStation, but now it is available for Android also. The game allows you to do anything, go anywhere and has an extended open world to explore. 

The storyline revolves around Mafia and the missions given by them to the player.  You can utilize different weapons and vehicles in order to complete the missions. This game allows you to fight with people, drive fast, complete all missions and side quests, and much more. A map is provided to explore different areas in this game.

Tommie Vercetti

There are many possibilities to enjoy the gameplay. You can move anywhere, explore any place and do anything you want. The gameplay includes completing multiple missions, driving bikes and cars, beating and killing people and many more. 

You are given different missions allotted by your mafia bosses. On competing in these missions you get different rewards and unlimited money which you can use to equip weapon to kill your enemies and buy different vehicles to run away fast from the police.  Everything is designed with immense detail so that you feel real-life experience. Then there is GTA Vice City MOD APK is the modded version of this game. Here you get unlimited money which you can use for purchasing different vehicles and outfits. You can also customize your outfit and vehicle according to your choice.

The game’s main character is Tommy Vercetti, a drug dealer who is just released from prison after 15 years of imprisonment. It is a single-player game based on Miami and Miami Beach.

Features of GTA Vice City MOD APK

Easy Navigation and Control

It provides you clear interface and simple navigation buttons so that you will not be disturbed by any complexity of screen navigation. The button setting is easy. You can get simple-to-use game control and navigation for anything of your choice. You can also get coins for these choices. The settings for these buttons are also very simple. It’s your choice to complete the main missions or side missions.

3D Graphics

It has amazing high-quality, beautiful 3D graphics and lightning effects, making the gameplay more attractive for the players. Although not everything is real, it makes the game more realistic and lifelike, similar to GTA 5 APK. The game contains Vehicles, people, weapons, trees, buildings, roads, etc.

Open World Gameplay

GTA Vice City has no limited gameplay. You can explore many cities, areas and beaches, which allows players to go anywhere and do multiple things like driving, boating, fighting, and shooting to complete missions and tasks. It has a large map for players.


Fully Independent

There is no restriction for the players. They can move anywhere and do anything without completing the missions because it is not mandatory. You can play the game by your choice, complete missions and submissions, explore the city, visit malls and shops etc.

Cars and Vehicles

GTA Vice City has a wide range of customizable vehicles, including cars, ambulances, vans, sedan cars, buses, bikes, scooters, tanks, taxi cars, speed/racing cars etc. You can choose your desired car for driving. For your information, GTA VC has more than 100 vehicles available for players.

GTA Vice City Weapons 

The game also has different types of weapons, such as Sniper Rifles, Thrown Weapons, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Handguns, Assault Rifles and many more. These weapons can be purchased from weapon shops called ammunition. Moreover, there are also some heavy weapons like a rocket launcher, M60, Dentator etc.

Enjoy engaging and Immersive gameplay

This game is so engaging that you can move freely and do anything of your choice whether it is beating someone or buying any weapon. You feel a sense of freedom. Players can explore the city and interact with the non-player characters.

Multiple Missions

GTA Vice City has exciting multiple missions for the players. It consists of 20 story missions, 9 Assets Missions, 1 Pay Phone Mission, and many others like Street-Racer, Hyman Memorial Stadium Missions, Off-Road Missions, Sparrow Missions, And remote controlled vehicles missions. There are additional missions, like pizza delivery, Taxi Driver, Robberies missions and more.

How to Download GTA Vice City MOD APK?

Step 1: Download APK File from the given link.
Step 2: Then Download the OBB zip file and extract it.
Step 3: Copy the folder “com.rockstargames.gtavc” and go to Android>>obb and paste it here.
Step 4: Return to the download folder and install the APK file.
Step 5: All Done!

Final Words

Overall, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an incredibly engaging and addictive game that allows players to experience the 1980s. High-quality 3d realistic graphics, customizable cars and vehicles, heavy weapons, and open-world gameplay define the game’s uniqueness. GTA Vice City must be your favourite if you love the open-world or action games.


You can download it from free of cost. Download the APK + OBB files and install them on your phone.

You can purchase the official copy of the GTA Vice City from their App Store. Click here.

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Yes! You can download GTA Vice PC also. Yes, you can download GTA Vice City for PC. To do so, you can click here to learn how to download it.

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